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Book: Arizona Kicks on Route 66

Made in the U.S.A.

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92 pages of awesome.

This book features gorgeous pictures and the wonderful witticisms of Angel's friend and Arizona's treasure, Roger Naylor.


If you love Route 66, this is a must have coffee table book!

Also, this is a great book to buy to use as a travel guide to help you make sure you hit all the coolest spots on your Arizona Route 66 trip.


Author, Roger Naylor, on his book:

"Did you know Arizona is the state that saved Route 66? It’s an amazing story about an amazing highway. And it’s all captured in my book Arizona Kicks on Route 66. 

Route 66 in Arizona crosses stark badlands, cloud-swept plateaus and a desert painted in scandalous hues. The road explores forests of tall pines and forests where trees have turned to stone. It brushes past volcanoes, craters and the ruins of ancient civilizations. Amid the scenic splendor, the highway John Steinbeck referred to as the “Mother Road” passes through small towns and the skeletons of towns. If the Grand Canyon is the heart of Arizona, then Route 66 is the main artery.

Best of all, I lead you to the best homemade pie along the historic highway. It’s a fun, breezy read, like a road trip across the pages."