75th Anniversary of Barbering Autographed Shield

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California US Paper Shield with Reflective Stickers - AUTOGRAPHED BY ANGEL DELGADILLO

On the back of the shield: Information about Angel's Amazing Career of 75 years!

Angel always says the day his barbering career started was the day he started barber college, July 7, 1947 in Pasadena, California on Colorado Blvd, a.k.a. California US 66!

Today, we are honoring Angel’s 75th anniversary of barbering which began on California US 66.

Not only was Angel born and raised on US Highway 66 and then attended barber college on Route 66, his barber apprenticeship was in Williams, Arizona US 66, and then back home to open his own barber shop in Seligman, Arizona on the original alignment of old Highway 66. How appropriate that this barber is the man responsible for bringing back Highway US 66 as Historic Route 66!

We are also using this milestone to announce Angel’s official retirement as a barber. Angel has finally decided that at 95 years old, it is time to retire. We are so happy to being able to celebrate his retirement on the 75th anniversary of his barbering career.